What are Bio-Identical Hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are “man-made” and manufactured in the lab to have the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body. By contrast, synthetic hormones are intentionally different.

There are several branded versions now available for use in the kind of hormone replacement therapy typical of synthetic hormones. This is often a one-size-fits-all dosage regime.

In our practice, we have had the greatest success with an individualized approach. We begin with laboratory tests of hormone levels (a so-called “hormone panel”). When warranted, we then prescribe a precise dosage of bio-identical estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and/or DHEA that is prepared at a registered compounding pharmacy.

Each patient is then monitored carefully through regular follow-up hormone panels to ensure she gets symptom relief at the lowest possible dosage. In the initial stages, we will do a hormone panel every three months.

Is Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Right For You?

Dr. Torres offers bio-identical hormone therapy integrated with proper fitness and nutrition for women and men. This preventive medical approach helps put an end to the suffering caused by stress induced adrenal fatigue, signs of early menopause, menopause, perimenopause and andropause (male menopause).